Jungfrau Zeitung – Revision of the municipal code costs more

Grindelwald | 3. June 2022

The municipal code from 2008 is to be amended by 2023 – but that has its price. For support from a lawyer, the municipal council has now approved an additional loan of CHF 31,000. There were also some personnel changes within the congregation.

There are some changes in Grindelwald.Foto: Keystone, Anthony Anex

The municipal code dates from 2008 and has been in need of adjustment for a long time. To support this task, the lawyer Dr. iur. Daniel Arn, as the community writes in its broadcast. A supplementary credit of CHF 31,000 was approved for this external support. The schedule provides that the work can start as soon as possible and that the new municipal regulations can be submitted to the municipal assembly for approval in 2023.


  • Education Commission: Martina Zumbrunn has submitted her immediate resignation as a member. The municipal council immediately ordered a replacement election for a new representative for the two mountain communities Itramen/Wärgistal.
  • Tax Registrar: Erika Brunner Hassanin has resigned due to her move.
  • Processing construction management: Barbara Zurbuchen will be out for several weeks. The municipal council was able to win Dominic Schurter as a deputy.
  • Co-Day School Principal: Dana Ruef will be on hiatus from August 2022 to January 2023. Andrea Stucki from Grindelwald will take over until the end of January 2023.
This has yet to be decided:

  • Local planning revision triggering phase II: The revision of the local plan was divided into several phases. Parallel to Phase I, which will hopefully be finalized in the coming months, published and then submitted to the municipal assembly for resolution, the work on Phase II can be initiated. At the request of the building construction and planning commission, the municipal council therefore decided to start work on phase II and commissioned the planning office ecoptima ag.
  • Mission Statement 65+: The existing age model of the municipalities of Lütschental and Grindelwald dates from 2005. In April 2021, the Social Affairs Committee decided to revise this model in cooperation with representatives of the municipality of Lütschental. The municipal council approved the draft of the 65+ model and approved the additional credit for the costs of CHF 13,000.
  • Posts: a) The prize money of 2,000 francs for the winner’s prizes at the Eiger Bike Challenge Grindelwald from 13./14. August was approved. b) For the connection of the old people’s home to the Grindelwald district heating, the contribution for the Spitex base was 6,000 francs.