Jungkook doesn’t like to spend money? Suga puts it in evidence

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, therefore he sometimes has some benefits, but Suga revealed that the Golden Maknae does not like spending money very much and even told an anecdote from the past.

The boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan are so close that they can talk about any topic that they are passionate about, concerned about or just want to share, this is not limited to their coexistence behind the scenes, also on variety shows and interviews.

Jin, Suck, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V Y Jungkook They were invited to the Yang Nam Show, where they talked a bit about their group dynamics and answered questions about the habits each.

Jungkook was evidenced by Suga, who did not hesitate and pointed him out as the member of BTS what spend less money, He also told a story that showed that this information about the minor idol of the band could be true. LOL!

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Suga told a Jungkook habit when they go out to eat

When the MCs questioned the performers of ‘Butter’ about the idol of the group who spent the most, Suck took the floor and explained that he did not know who invests the most his fortune in clothes or other items, but definitely Jungkook he was the one who spent the least.

Jungkook defended himself and assured that at his graduation he bought food for his classmates, the account alone was more than 800 dollars, something like 15 thousand Mexican pesos: 0 On that occasion, the Golden Maknae did not put any obstacle to pay.

Suck He replied that every time they go out to eat together, he ends up paying because he is the older of the two, sometimes he waits for Jungkook be offered to to pay the dishes they shared, but the ‘Euphoria’ singer just waits for Yoongi take responsibility for the account. LOL!

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After eating together, Jungkook just say thank you Yoongi, the rapper assured that he comments that he enjoyed what he ate a lot, everyone present began to laugh, while the Golden Maknae He just enjoyed the snacks that the show’s production gave him.

Jin He confessed that his younger colleague took his credit card and still did not pay him, but when the Worldwide Handsome charged him, Jungkook He tells her that he paid a lot for his graduation luncheon, so they’re on hand. LOL!

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