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Jungle Camp 2019: Bastian Yotta and Tommi Piper as candidates?

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Which candidates move to the jungle camp 2019? According to the picture, Bastian Yotta, Tommi Piper and Evelyn Burdecki are among them.

Which candidates go to the jungle camp 2019? What's new in the current season? In our news blog, we collect all the news about the RTL program. Jungle Camp 2019: News on candidates and more
November 5: Tommi Piper, Bastian Yotta and Evelyn Burdecki with them – who moves to the jungle camp 2019? Already weeks ago, the picture called Sibylle Rauch and Domenico de Cicco first names. Now the newspaper wants to know three other participants.

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Among other things, Tommi Piper should be there. The 77-year-old voice actor gave Alf in the series from 1986 to 1990, his German voice. The 41-year-old self-made millionaire Bastian Yotta and the 30-year-old "Bachelor" candidate Evelyn Burdecki are also pulling into the jungle. RTL does not want to confirm this as usual.16. October: speculation about first jungle camp candidatesEvery year, the exciting question before the start of the jungle camp is: Which candidates are present at IBES? Two first names are already being discussed in the media. Sun claims the Bild newspaper today that Sibylle smoke at the jungle camp 2019 should be there.Rauch is a former erotic star and played in the 80's and 90's in several relevant films. In addition, the alleged jungle camp candidate was also seen in the film series "popsicle".

The 58-year-old Sibylle Rauch is not yet officially confirmed as an IBES participant. Only the – in this respect, but regularly well informed tabloid – writes about it. The picture speculates today on a second candidate name. Accordingly, Domenico de Cicco could move in 2019 in the Australian jungle. The 35-year-old is from the RTL-dome show "Bachelor in Paradise" more or less known. "An RTL spokesman pointed out that the broadcaster does not participate in speculation about the participants in the next jungle camp.New, however, is that RTL on October 8: What is new in the jungle camp 2019? More or less prominent candidates, tests with disgust factor and nasty presenters – much will remain at the jungle camp in 2019. According to information of the Bild plans RTL but also an important innovation.Thus, the station with the new season to introduce a winner's premium in order to attract prominent participants.The future jungle king receives accordingly probably 250,000 euros RTL itself has not yet confirmed information about the new season officially October: Sonja Zietlow knows candidatesBisher RTL still secret, which candidates at the jungle camp 2019 we are there However, presenter Sonja Zietlow has revealed on Facebook that the participants are already determined: It will probably take a while until the first names are officially named. But a celebrity has already started talking to herself. Otto Waalkes told the magazine Hörzu when asked if he would go to the jungle camp: "Of course, but they have not asked me yet." Otto at "I'm a star – get me out of here"? RTL will not comment. Definitely not going to be Tony Marshall. According to the picture, the pop singer should even receive a record fee of 300,000 euros – but health problems make participation impossible. A doctor had the singer because of a chronic heart failure forbidden to go as a candidate in the jungle. Other than the candidates are the moderators already officially – and there are no surprises: In addition to Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich will accompany the program again. The start date is again in January, but is not fixed yet. (AZ) We want to know what you think: The Augsburger Allgemeine is therefore working together with the opinion research institute Civey. What's up with the representative surveys and why you should register, read here.
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