An emotional moment live on the air: RTL’s jungle camp moderators share sad news. The viewers are initially confused.

  • in the RTL jungle camp will be blasphemed, laughed and cried again this year.
  • But a bereavement overshadows the RTL show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”,
  • The RTL cameraman Manni had passed away on episode 6 broadcast.

The end of day seven in jungle Camp At first it seemed to be the same as all the previous days: The season drama queens Danni Büchner * and Elena Miras * were again chosen for the jungle test, Daniel Hartwich * and Sonja Zietlow * said goodbye to the 11 remaining jungle camp residents *. There was nothing to indicate that the moderators had a very sad news to announce.

RTL displays Manni’s death notice in the 2020 jungle camp

“Usually, ladies and gentlemen, we chat stupidly here or make stupid jokes. We don’t feel like that today. You will see the very sad reason for this right away, ”Daniel Hartwich ended the program and said goodbye. Meanwhile, his colleague Sonja Zietlow turned and walked away. Then dazzled RTL a obituary on. Just the name Manni, as well as the date of birth 09/24/1957 and the date of death 01/15/2020 were written on it. Many viewers then asked themselves: Who is Manni?

RTL also posted Manni’s obituary on Instagram. There, the audience finally learned who Manni was: he was a cameraman and was part of the jungle camp right from the start. RTL wrote about the photo: “Our whole team mourns the loss of a great colleague. Cameraman Manni has been on site in Australia since the first season. Rest in peace.”

Jungle camp colleagues are grieving for cameraman Manni Friebe published an article on Friday afternoon in which it was read that Cameraman Manni Friebe died on January 15, 2020 in Germany. Users expressed their sadness on social media: “RIP #manni. On which you can also film up there #ibes “write a user. Micky Beisenherz, long-time author of the jungle camp, also posted a photo with Manni and wrote: “Fine person. We will all miss him. ”The photo has since been deleted.

So it goes on in the jungle camp

It is not known whether the death on day eight of the jungle camp, which will be broadcast on RTL on January 17, 2020, will be discussed again. Shortly before the broadcast began, viewers were informed that an evacuation of the jungle camp may actually be necessary *. The reason for this was heavy rains, which also caused poisonous spiders to crawl through the camp. Read here about how things will continue in the jungle camp * after day 10 of the camp. Shortly before the final, the Danni Büchner clan put a questionable competition online on Instagram *.

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