Jungle camp 2023 leaves traces: Djamila Rowe and Cosimo “topless” | entertainment

Rewrite this contentThe paint is slowly coming off!You already know it from the past jungle camp seasons: the longer the campers live between cockroaches and toads, the more “crappy” the look becomes. Make-up, hairpieces, Instagram filters – of course, none of this is available to the celebrities in the bush and so the motto is: naturalness instead of souped-up appearance.Especially with candidate Cosimo (41), his Instagram followers have to look twice when they see him on TV. The camper likes to dig deep into the filter box on social media, then suddenly looks completely different in the jungle camp.Instead of smoothly ironed skin, mega muscles and unnatural facial features, the motto in the bush is: normal skin, small double chin and tummy and finally naturalness again! To be honest, we like Necker’s checker much better that way…This is how the former DSDS candidate presents himself on Instagram Photo: Instagram/cosimoofficial And this is what the unfiltered reality in the jungles of Australia looks like Photo: RTL/Stefan Thoyah This year, however, the Busch residents are making themselves really likeable with one thing in particular: they stand by their filter mania, beauty doc visits and beautification measures. By the way, Cosimo describes his Instagram photos like this: “Two to three face things on it. Maybe a little more muscle, my stomach off so I don’t look so fat. That’s it!” Well, it’s almost nothing…also read Also Jamila Rowe (55) is known for her blatant beauty tuning, loves everything that cushions, smoothes and pimps. The make-up artist stands by her numerous interventions. But she also admits that she likes to exaggerate a bit.In the jungle, the cosmetic artist has to do without her make-up, but that makes her operations almost even clearer. Plump lips, small snub nose and lots of Botox – for Djamila just the basic program in terms of optimization mania.The trained make-up artist knows all about make-up, but in the jungle she had to leave her brushes at home Photo: Instagram/djamilarowe Food rationing may make her waist thinner, but Djamila’s lips will hold up to any weight loss Photo: RTL In the jungle, the bush resident with a fondness for Botox honestly admits: “I used to overdo it with hyaluronic acid. It wasn’t that long ago, I have to say. Two years ago. I had cheeks there, you could put a cup on them! They were very intense.” Even before she moved into the camp, she had herself doctored again, but then had to realize: “It was maybe a bit too much.” How drastically the Berliner has changed over the years as a result of her interventions becomes particularly clear when you look at old photos of Djamila:Those were the days: Djamila still with a natural nose and smaller lips in 2004 in Berlin Foto: Getty Images Briofio’s teethAnd even if Cosimo’s filter fake and Djamila’s surgeries are the clearest of all the camp residents, the other candidates have also changed somewhat in the meantime and above all: pure nature!On Instagram he shows himself well trained and likes to be filtered – in the jungle Gigi (23) shows his little tummy and the unsmoothed truth. It doesn’t matter, the jungle favorite not only scores with its unaffected nature, but also with its natural appearance!Trained and always perfectly styled: the Italian is always flawless on Instagram Photo: Gigibirofio/Instagram Luckily, the food shortage hasn’t reached Gigi’s tummy yet Photo: djamilarowe /Instagram Verena KerthThe former player’s wife stands out in the jungle with her excessive blasphemous mood, but Verena (41) doesn’t seem to dig too deep into the filter box. In the jungle, at least she looks a lot like her social media self.Perfect smile, perfect make-up look – this is how Verena shows herself on social media Photo: Instagram/verenakerth Verena doesn’t do too much image processing, even in the jungle she still looks pretty fresh Photo: RTL Claudia EffenbergVerena’s Busch bosom friend Claudia (57) is also struggling with the first signs of wear and tear in the jungle, but you have to be honest: Stefan Effenberg’s (54) wife still looks great – and is similar to her Instagram self. Even if she seems to like to use one or the other filter on the app that flatters the skin more.Flawless complexion, radiant and wrinkle-free: This is what Claudia’s selfies look like on Instagram Photo: Instagram/claudiaeffenberg The jungle also leaves its mark on Claudia: the Instagram glow is gone, but she is holding up pretty well despite the adverse circumstances. This could also be due to some permanent make-up – visible on the eyebrows Photo: RTL and and more content about Jungle camp 2023 leaves traces: Djamila Rowe and Cosimo “topless” | entertainment