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Jungle camp at RTL: That happened on day 9 – media

Felix announces that he will become a father. As befits a media professional: with tears and a press release. Sybille delivers one last time what she was bought for. Sex.

TV review of Johanna Bruckner

Topic of the day: the very hard and the whole delicate. There is much discussion these days: about masculine qualities and outdated role models. Prominent men also participate in the discourse. And just Chris Töpperwien and Bastian Yotta. They have now shifted their argument from social media to reality TV. Nothing changes in the way they communicate: the two do not talk to each other, but rather over each other.

"He says, I'm gay and my old woman goes into the puff," explains "Currywurstmann" Chris Töpperwien Mitcamper Domenico de Cicco. In addition, Bastian has suggested an alternative Beischlaf partner – his own pug! Chris barks angrily, "I do not want to deal with that guy!" He does not have to. The Yotta finds other takers for his testosterone-charged tirades. Chris tried to talk him into the tabloid media, he says in a select men's round. "Right men do not do that, but pussies – so we now know what Chris is." For safety, he specified again: "Against honor, against respect, reckless bastard." One could now assume a gender bias in Bastian's insults, but in fact the Yotta below the waistline is not set to one gender. "Talk to my face, if you have eggs," he calls into the bush. That would actually mean everything. Except for: "Fuck 'me and I'll fuck you twice!"

Speaking of lovemaking. GZSZ– Performer Felix Deventer tearfully announces on day nine that he will become a father. So officially. Roommate Domenico, he had whispered the baby news days ago – as befits a professional in dealing with the camera: directly into the microphone. Why the secrecy? Quite simply, such a pregnancy is a sensitive thing. Felix has therefore waited until nothing can go wrong. "Today I can say it, today the press release goes out."

State of the debate: How Mann's doing, he does it wrong.

Television Who screams is wrong! Does not apply to Thorsten Legat

He who cries is wrong! Does not apply to Thorsten Legat

Gisele gets seven stars. Doreen asks her ex for forgiveness. Tommi speaks the language of instincts. And Domenico? Is out.TV review by Johanna Bruckner

What was talked about the campfire? About tails. For once, it's not about genitals, it's about local gourmet cuisine. More specifically: kangaroo tail. He is on the menu on day nine – but only Sibylle Rauch packs the carnal desire. Evelyn brings the emotional state of the other camp-carnivores in a nutshell: "I do not want to have anything to do with the tail, there's still sperm in it?" Thus, both deliver off what they were shopped for by RTL: Evelyn stupid questions and Sibylle the sex. The latter can not be taken after the pleasurable consumption of the Schmorschwanzes then also to classify the piece of meat in terms of size: "That would have been a Joey Silvera, world's best porn star."

And the jungle test? Has only one highlight. As Doreen Dietel says, "A crocodile came on me, I think that had an orgasm." Spectator's blood does not tend to rage. The daily task is as exciting as a visit to the petting zoo. Seven stars. "I think, I would have mastered that too," says Gisele Oppermann, who was allowed to stay in the camp for the first time. That would mean everything was said.

Carrying role: the bogeyman of the nation. For the time being last role in the public life of Domenico de Cicco. He was referred by the spectators the day before as the first candidate of the camp. Has the audience punished him for his behavior towards Kuppelshow colleague Evelyn Burdecki? Domenico knows where to find the answer: "I'm so looking forward to my phone now." But that is in the "Hotel Versace" – and the Geschichtet has urgent questions. So one thing above all: "Can you have a quick look at Instagram with me to see if something has happened?" He asks an RTL editor. Domenico's dreams of many followers are bursting. Buddy Luigi brings him back to reality: "There is a victim and you are the evil."

And who is out today? PopsicleIcon Sibylle smoke. Just melted away in the Australian heat. "How sad is that?" Says Evelyn. She is right.

Set for the TV annals: "The jungle gnaws at you and either it breaks you or you have a breakthrough." (Bastian Yotta, unbroken – still.)

Moral of the story? Gut sometimes comes with charm. Much more often but without. "I have to shit like a champion," says Doreen. "There are nine days in it." Felix finds the only right words: "Holy shit."



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