Junior wins, but does not convince

At least he won. The three points and the permanence in the group of the top eight of the League standings it was the best of the Junior 2-1 win over Alianza Petrolera, at the Romelio Martínez stadium, on the penultimate day of the tournament’s regular phase.

Germán Mera, at minute 44, catching a loose ball after taking a corner kick, and Miguel Borja, in a header, with the complicity of the young Alianza goalkeeper, Juan Serrano, scored the goals that allowed a triumphant celebration in Barranquilla after five games without success (one from Libertadores, one from Sudamericana and three from the League).

Victor Moreno, when the timer ticked 53 minutes, he conquered with his head, also in the collection of a corner, the partial tie.

Those led by Luis Amaranto Perea again left dark sensations, more concern than illusion.

There are players who continue to show signs of life, but only that. They don’t progress, they don’t evolve. Some of lime, five of sand. They only show some of the talent that is known to them, but everything is dropper.

There is no surprise, there is no daring or mobility or aggressiveness or determination or continuity or a clear idea of ​​the game. The team continues to wander the field, without a script, without a compass, totally faded and to its own devices.

Predictable and slow too slow I was walking before an enthusiastic Alliance, boudoir, joyous, but sterile. The visitors, with the long-standing baton of Macnelly Torres, took possession of the ball for long periods, but never translated their insinuations into goal options. They ambitioned more than they actually got.

Junior, with the spaces left by his emboldened adversary, with the cerebral speed of Teófilo Gutiérrez and the athletic speed of Carmelo Valencia, generated the only two clear scoring opportunities in all the first time before the opportune and lucky shot of Mera that uncorked the marker.

However, Carmelo is unstoppable running, but not infallible defining. The veteran attacker blew both situations. In the second he had two ‘lives’ to score, but nothing. ‘Game over’ for the Chocoano.

For the rest, only individual adventures of Fabián Viáfara and Edwuin Cetré, who ended up in a foul or with failed centers, they disturbed the whole of Barranquilla.

With the chill of 1-0, but the stress of the poor preparation of the game, the rojiblancos went to rest. Perea noticed that Didier Moreno and Leonardo Pico neither recovered nor created and sent James Sánchez instead of the Chocoano to try to light the roads.

Little and nothing improved the collective action. The monotony, conformism, mediocrity continued. A Junior without the solvency to increase the account and a rival without the weapons to achieve what he sought.

However, the still ball is sometimes the salvation. A corner kick led to Mera’s goal and a corner kick meant the tie. Víctor Moreno jumped and anticipated Willer Ditta to make it 1-1.

Oh! And now who will be able to defend me?… Someone had to be invoked, there were no solutions on the field. The only ‘Chapulín Colorado’ that was seen in the bank was Miguel Borja. Perea only had his scoring cunning from minute 70, when he entered for Carmelo. Two minutes later, in his first option after a good cross from Fabián Viáfara, perhaps the most outstanding player of the Sharks, celebrated the goal that ended up being the victory. Of course, with the help of the Alianza goalkeeper, who was ‘sparked’ on his way out.

Junior ended up playing, without major suffering against an opponent who wanted a lot and had little. The two minutes of addition were practically not played because Teófilo Gutiérrez committed a foul that injured Macnelly. Amid the claims of the creative flyer and the medical care he was receiving, the clock went off. The referee Yadir Acuña, who forgave Teo the red, did not reset the time. Junior won, but it is clear that he did not convince.



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