Planet Jupiter is at the center of an incredible announcement after scientists managed to discover something that could hardly be achieved, something that ultimately shows us how complex the planets in our solar system are. Specifically, researchers have finally been able to discover why the huge storms on the planet Jupiter remain in similar geometric formations over time, especially around the poles of the cosmic body.

Planet Jupiter it has many storms that dominate its atmosphere at the moment, they have been there for at least a few centuries, and researchers have finally managed to unravel the mystery behind the maintenance of current formations. The planet Jupiter has 8 major cyclones at the north pole surrounding a main one, while at the south pole there are “only” six, each with diameters between 4,000 and 7,000 kilometers, so they are huge.

Planet Jupiter: INCREDIBLE Announcement, Total Surprised Researchers

Planet Jupiter each of these cyclones is placed at a distance of about 8700 kilometers from each other, and this distance remains constant over time, at least based on observations made so far. Also based on observations so far, researchers have found that the stability of these cyclones depends on the height they have in the atmosphere on Jupiter, but also on the anticyclonic rings that exist around each of them.

“We were surprised that the poles of Jupiter are not like those of other planets. I have never seen anything like these groups of cyclones organized in ordinary patterns. All previous theories have predicted that the polar regions of the giant planets should be dominated by large cyclones over their poles, such as what is observed on Saturn, or remain chaotic. What we see on Jupiter means that those previous theories are wrong and we need something new. “

Planet Jupiter it has a very fragile balance in the way they formed and there are all these cyclones, and that’s because if the anticyclones would not keep the cyclones at a distance from each other, they could move away. Scientists still do not know what keeps this fragile balance between cyclones, and this is one of the mysteries that came with the explanation of how they occupy that area, and remain in the same place.

Planet Jupiter will have this phenomenon studied intensely by scientists in the coming years, and that’s because they want to know very clearly why things happen this way there, and compare the situation with that on Earth.

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