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Juppe on departure, threatened insects and DLC

Ants carrying an insect. – ARDEA / MARY EVANS / SIPA

It's Wednesday, and the weekend is getting closer. And besides, here is already the time of the summary of the news of the day that you all expect, we know it. Especially in Briançon and Biarritz.

The start of the day: Juppé will say goodbye to Bordeaux

The mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppé.
The mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppé. – MrBosredon / 20Minutes

He swore to his great gods that he was going to finish his term. Finally, the appeal of the Constitutional Council was the strongest. Former Prime Minister Alain Juppé will succeed Lionel Jospin among the "Sages", and is expected to announce Thursday that he resigns as mayor.

The worry of the day: Insects less numerous

A dung beetle.
A dung beetle. – SIPA

Nearly half of all insect species, vital to both ecosystems and economies, are in rapid decline worldwide, warning a study that warns of a "catastrophic collapse" of natural environments. And we explain in this article why this is not good news.

The fail of the day: Custody for an employee of a bakery who refused to serve a police officer

The scene had a strong impact on social networks: an employee of a Parisian bakery who had refused to serve a police officer on February 2, on the sidelines of the demonstration of "yellow vests", was placed in custody on Tuesday. We leave you
 read more by there.

The semantic point of the day: The assembly adopts the word parent instead of father or mother

The words "father" and "mother" will disappear from the school forms. The Assembly adopted on Tuesday at first reading an amendment which consecrates the homoparentalité within the framework of the bill "School of the confidence" carried by Jean-Michel Blanquer. School forms will now have "parent 1" and "parent 2".

Explanations in this article.

The video of the day: Which expired products can you consume?

It is sometimes the war of the DLC (date of limit of consumption) in front of the refrigerator. "I throw, it's out of date", followed by the collapsed and guilt mine of your spouse who says "No, leave, I'm going to finish". Who is right ? You will know after seeing this video.

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