Jurgen Klopp condemns English Premier League Rules Regarding Liverpool Champion Medal

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Three Liverpool players are threatened with no right to receive a champion medal.

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, claimed to be ready to make a special medal for the young players in his team.

Liverpool ensure the English Premier League title 2019/2020 season, last week. With the rest of the game available, the number of points the Reds can no longer be pursued by the nearest competitor, Manchester City.

Klopp denounced the EPL regulations which would likely make a number of young players in his team not entitled to be championed medal.

Since 2012, the EPL has indeed applied the rule that every player on the championship team must perform at least five league matches that season to be eligible for a medal.

That way, three young Liverpool players, namely: Curtis Jones, Neco Williams and Harvey Elliott, risk failing to get a medal. As far as the season is rolling, each has only appeared in two EPL matches.

“Honestly, I prefer [meminta pihak EPL] rethink the rule and change the minimum amount [satu] match so that the player is entitled to receive a medal, “Klopp said, Friday (3/7).

“Five games, I don’t know who initiated the idea. When I heard it for the first time, I immediately thought that it was not a good rule. “

“If people don’t understand how important a team is to win the competition, then I can’t help them.”

“If you don’t get minutes to play even though you still have to get a medal. If you are the second keeper in the team and you have fewer matches, then you also have to get a medal. “

“You practice five million times a year and if you don’t train at the highest level, you don’t have a chance to win the competition. Then, does someone decide that you need to play five games to get a medal? “

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“I make sure these young people will get a medal. 100 percent! I am willing without a medal alone. They will get a medal from me. “

“What are these rules? We have to win the game, we can’t do whatever we want. “They deserve a medal and they will get a medal, if not from the Premier League, then it will come from me,” he concluded.

Tracing Klopp’s statement above, ideally he also gave a medal to Nathaniel Clyne. Liverpool’s last name was released at the end of the season without playing a single match throughout the 2019/20 season.



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