Jurgen Klopp's hilarious threat to former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers


Jurgen Klopp has warned Brendan Rodgers he could withhold rent Leicester can not do Liverpool a title favor!

Manchester United – The Reds badly need them to take something from the Etihad.

Klopp has rented his house from the club's old manager since replacing him in October 2015.

Liverpool need a city slip up in the final three games or they could face a single league defeat all season.

Hey what jokingly asked on Sky Sports if he would consider drastic action if Leicester does not come up with the goods next Monday.

Rodgers and Klopp get on well – but could be even closer!

He said: "Can I? In Germany that's not possible but if it is in England then tell me!

They have to do their own job and we have to do ours.

"I really have no problem that. I'm really happy about the situation."

Klopp has warned Manchester City the title race is over, despite their rivals easing through their most tricky late-season fixtures at Manchester United on Wednesday.

Klopp says Liverpool does not want to go city's incredible form

"It's over when it's over and not before, and for us it's not over," he said.

"I am really fine, because I really like the boys respond.

"It's a little bit like destiny – if someone wants us to be champions, we will be champions. If not, we will not. But the boys will not be the reason in a negative way.

The Manchester derby shows why they are the title favorites

They are so many examples in life of what could happen if you give up too early, of what it means, of people who would not have survived.

Liverpool have some injury issues for the Huddersfield game on Friday night.

Fabianho is in a cliff of heads in Sunday's away win over Cardiff and Klopp is ready to wait until the last minute before making a decision on the midfielder.

Defender Dejan Lovren has been cleared for illness, and midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – out with a knee injury since April 24 last year – could also be added to the squad.

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