‘Jurin’ insists on using win-win model to negotiate with 3 parties to control palm oil prices

‘Jurin’ uses win-win model to negotiate with 3 parties to monitor palm oil prices in the whole system fix the price so that there is no shortage of the market

On May 10, 2022, Jurin Laksanawisit, the leader of the Democrat Party Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Interview with reporters on economic issues before the Cabinet meeting at Government House

Jurin said that for the current product price situation, we have been monitoring the situation all the time. Must admit the fact that the price of some items has increased as a result of the very high oil price, which affects 1. Production costs 2. Shipping prices, especially those products that are far away will have to carry more burdens. because the shipping cost is more expensive But the Ministry of Commerce tries to supervise as best as possible. mainly by looking at the cost For the price in front of the factory, the price is directed to be the least burden on the consumer. But it does not affect farmers who receive very good agricultural prices. Because now all agricultural crops are good price, whether it is rubber, oil palm, maize. Cassava or even rice is better priced. Because this year, rice exports will increase than last year. Last year, rice exported 6.1 million tons, this year it is expected to export 7-8 million tons.

Now, the problem with consumers is the price of edible palm oil. This is because the price of palm fruit has increased to 11-12 baht, causing the cost of bottled palm oil production to increase. But the Ministry of Commerce is trying to shake hands with bottled palm oil producers in solving the problem and has directed prices not to exceed structural prices. In fact, it had to fall around 76.50 baht per bottle, but we tried to control the price and lowered it to 66.50 baht, and there were many products whose prices were lower than last year. Vegetables such as squash beans averaged 55.50 baht/kg. One time ago, 62.78 baht/kg. Chinese cabbage, 31.50 baht/kg. Last year, 32.50 baht/kg. Spring onion, 65 baht/kg. Last year, price 68.50 baht/kg. Coriander about 94 baht/kg last year. 107.80 baht/kg. Fish such as catfish averaged 74.80 baht per kilogram, but last year, 85 baht/kg. including the price of school uniforms and school supplies this year have been arranged Commercial discount! Help people Lot 17 Back To School, discount up to 65%, the rest will be fixed price.

“In the matter of palm Price fixing will try to last as long as possible and will be discussed among farmers. farmer representative palm oil growers Which wants the best price, but the factories have to buy more expensive palm and cause the price of crude palm oil (CPO) to be over 60 baht / kg, resulting in higher bottled palm oil. But we try to push the price down to about 10 baht per bottle, but all parties will meet together, now set aside that we will help look at 2 parts. Palm farmers get the best prices. 2. The quantity is not shortage. And there will be discussions about how much stock should be. Otherwise, besides the price issue, quantity is a problem twice. We will protect and take care of both. There will be a meeting of all parties and a common conclusion. If there is a need to enter the cabinet, the cabinet will enter. It will do it quickly and use a win-win model to take care of all parties as best as possible,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce.