Jury member Gordon kicks ass in “K2 is looking for K3”, media professor: “Deliberate choice for opposites that produce fireworks”

Why would people drop out? “Young people are specifically looking for recognition of diversity, for recognition of all kinds of identities. A lot of young people now describe themselves as non-binary, they want to see that reflected. Preferably in a positive way and not always questioned.” , quotes Van Bauwel.

And then there’s the aspect of diversity, she says. “People try to embrace the openness of diversity in the program, but at the same time you get tokenisme. That is to say that it is a kind of labia to deal with diversity. Not allowing the diversity to be fully present. They cancel it out a bit by being negative about diversity from a certain perspective.”

Van Bauwel sees Gordon appealing to candidates based on their appearance. But it actually goes further. “He speaks to them – among other things – about their sexual identity. Then you do not get an embrace of diversity, but someone who expresses negative views about the identity of a young person.”

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