Just add two spoons! It shows its effect immediately: Renews cells, increases resistance, solution of chronic fatigue

If you like to drink coffee in the morning, have you ever thought of adding two spoons of orange juice to it? You probably didn’t think about it, but once you know its wonderful effects, you will start drinking it that way. Although it may sound a little different, this beverage, which is becoming more and more widespread abroad, is also very beneficial for your health. Orange coffee, which we will recommend to you as a new method, is a candidate to be your favorite with both its light taste and benefits.


Orange naturally contains fruit sugar in its content. When mixed with bitter coffee, it has a mild, sweet taste. This recipe, which is also very easy to make, can be easily made with the ingredients at home.

Materials needed There are two main components you will need. You can buy ready-made orange juice from the market or you can squeeze it fresh at home. Although it is known that freshly squeezed orange juice is more delicious and beneficial than ready-made juice, there is a ready-made option for those who do not have time.

The other thing you need is a strong coffee like espresso. If you have a coffee machine at home, you can also use a moka pot you can buy as well as the espresso you will prepare as capsules or powder. In addition to all these options, ready-made cold brew coffee sold in the markets will also work.


With the arrival of summer, coffee with orange juice, which you can consume both as a sweet and refreshing drink, can also be prepared with ice.

Prepare your 2 shots of espresso.

If you are going to use ice, first place the ice in your glass.

Tip If you are going to use coffee other than espresso, use a spoon to add the coffee to the orange juice. In this way, you can prevent it from mixing with orange juice.


While coffee accelerates your metabolism and facilitates fat burning, orange, which is a store of vitamin C, strengthens your immunity. Consuming these two foods together gives you a multi-faceted beneficial effect. Coffee, which allows the body to burn fat, reduce appetite and stay vigorous by taking advantage of its cell regenerative effect, is very effective against obesity and chronic fatigue. When combined with the benefits of orange, it becomes a healthy drink with detox effect.



Consuming both orange juice and coffee at the same time may sound harmful to the stomach. However, these drinks are the foods we consume for breakfast almost every day. If its consumption has not bothered you until now, it will not do any harm to consume by mixing the two.


Another concern is whether it harms the teeth. Under normal conditions, it is not recommended to brush the teeth for half an hour after breakfast. Due to the acid contained in the foods you consume, the tooth enamel softens and the brushed tooth is damaged in this process. The same goes for this drink. If you do not brush your teeth for half an hour after consuming it, it does not pose a problem for your oral health.

It should be noted that this type of drink is not suitable for people with stomach disease or sensitivity. If you have a stomach ailment such as ulcer, it will be healthier to consult your doctor before consuming it.

Consume plenty against hunger stress!Consume plenty against hunger stress!
Look what Imamoglu did after those words!Look what Imamoglu did after those words!
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