Just Cause 4 glimpsed on Steam

Just Cause 4 glimpsed on Steam

If the wick was already sold since the famous leak from Walmart, the existence of Just Cause 4 is confirmed again by a leak from a very credible platform: Steam.

So far, the list of unannounced games, accidentally published in a Warlmart Canada catalog, has proven to be more than accurate. Some of the developers and publishers of the titles incriminated confessed by officially presenting their titles, before being really brought to light during the E3. This is particularly the case of Sega with Sonic Team Racing , Bethesda with Rage 2 , but also Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey . A reaction that has not been copied Avalanche Studios, which would currently be floor on Just Cause 4 . However, despite the current lack of communication from the developer, it is by another channel that once again showed the title: Steam.
© Avalanche Studios
The poster above, identified by Internet users as well as some media , does not give much more information than simply mentioning the “Pre-purchase now” . But at least we can no longer doubt the existence of Just Cause 4 . And at Avalanche Studios, this increases the number of projects on which teams are scattered. There is indeed this Just Cause , but also Rage 2 on which they are heavily involved, and Generation Zero . A title announced yesterday to everyone’s surprise, and which is completely independent of a publisher or distributor.
Avalanche Studios on three fronts at the same time
This is not an umpteenth Battle Royale , but an action game focusing on cooperation up to 4 players. We will indeed face the Swedish campaign in the 1980s, still sprinkled with a good dose of deadly machines perfectly anachronistic with the time. The studio highlights the persistence of his universe, including the fact that the robots that we will fight will keep all traces of the clashes they have participated before, with us as enemies. The mechanics of the game will rest mainly on guerrilla warfare, with different elements to take into account such as the type of weapon used, the typology of the enemy, the time of day, the environment, the weather and others. things that will most likely be specified in the future.
No doubt that Avalanche will communicate on his game in due time, maybe even during the E3 if he has the opportunity, Generation Zero being planned for the year 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Still, the schedule is loaded for the developer, but we can only welcome its success.

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