JUST KEPT 1: Karim Benzema chose the best dribbler in the whole world

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Karim Benzema, the maximum offensive referent of the current Real Madrid, continues to share content on his official channel Youtube. And this time he took the time to answer a series of questions asked by his followers.

In addition to confirming that he would not change the four Champions League he has won for a World Cup, the historic French striker, who has just won the League title this season, chose the best dribbler in the world.

They actually asked him to put together his TOP 5 of the best dribblers in the world, but Benzema only stayed with one footballer. His choice was simple and direct: “My TOP 5 of the best dribblers in the world? Neymar. And I’m going to stop with Neymar. “

The admiration between Benzema and Neymar is mutual. For some years, in a chat with CNN, the Brazilian genius surrendered to the quality of the French attacker: “Benzema strikes me as a great striker and a superstar.”

Undefeated Fact. Karim Benzema is the Real Madrid footballer who has scored the most goals (56) since Cristiano Ronaldo left. He contributes more than annotations, but he also assumed the responsibility of being more forceful as a definer. A world-class footballer.

Did you know..? Karim Benzema is the fifth player with the most goals (248) in the entire history of Real Madrid. An absolute legend in the greatest club of all time.

Source: Karim Benzema (Youtube).


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