Mike Ashley will make it seven consecutive when he arrives at St. James Park this afternoon.

After the owner of Newcastle United for 13 months did not participate in a game, he has participated in the last six.

Given no explanation for the change in behavior, and perhaps particularly surprising, considering his business empire was never busier – Mike Ashley seemed to have the intention of buying up a troubled business to increase his influence and wealth.

Of course, Newcastle United continues to play an important role in this business empire. Worldwide, the club advertises for its brands. In addition, the club announced that after the transfer window was over, the club had indefinitely acquired the club after earning over GBP 20 million in in and out transactions.

Rafa Benitez has repeatedly said in interviews that he will not make a decision about a possible contract extension until he first sees what happens in the January transfer window.

A newspaper said last week that Mike Ashley wanted Rafa to sign a new five-year contract BEFORE the transfer window opens. A big chance for the manager to fall in this case.

On Saturday morning, the chronicle has revealed that their information is that Mike Ashley has still refused to give any indication of what money may be spent on January.

A year ago, when Newcastle was in a relegation battle, Ashley refused to allow the coach to buy players. Instead, Benitez had to sign three loans.

Newcastle was very fortunate that two out of the three immediately fell to the ground and showed great successes in the February-April escape, which brought Newcastle to safety early, with victories over Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea before the end of the season.

Difficult to see that happiness is repeated if Rafa was allowed to scratch around in the credit market.

Rafa Benitez revealed at his press conference on Friday that Mike Ashley spoke to the players and the coaching staff after defeating Watford.

Rafa Benitez:

"I was not in the locker room (when Mike Ashley talked to the players), but when I spoke to him, he said, 'Well done, congratulations, well done. Thank you. & # 39;

"He congratulated the team and congratulated the staff.

"He is welcome, he is the owner, he can do what he wants."

Mike Ashley has done exactly what he wanted in the past eleven and a half years, and that's why we've been in such a chaotic mess because no investment has been made in all areas of the club.

The training complex, St James Park and the Academy urgently need money, care and attention if the club is to be close to its potential and not fail to invest properly in the first team squad …

Rafa Benitez has repeatedly made it clear in the transfer windows that he wants to set goals early, in the next one it is absolutely necessary.

Mike Ashley has to leave Rafa behind, and let him know at what level he can shop, and then set up the signatures at the beginning of the January window.

The clock is ticking.


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