Justin Bieber officially blacklisted by Ferrari

Getty Images

In 2017, Justin Bieber auctioned a Ferrari 458 Italia custom car modified by the California tuner West Coast Customs. The whole car was changed from the original white painting to a distinctive “Frozen Blue” blue style. Not a small concern, but it also pissed off Ferrari.

According to a number of foreign media reports including Carbuzz, Justin Bieber has been officially blacklisted by Ferrari for the same reasons mentioned above, including the prohibition of disclosing private test data, unauthorized modification, and ban on the sale of new cars within one year. The owner has multiple bans, and being a member of the blacklist also means that Justin Bieber will lose the opportunity to buy a new car from the factory in the future.

Ferrari’s bans are all about protecting the integrity of the brand that its loyal customers care about, and in fact Justin Bieber isn’t the first celebrity on the blacklist, nor are the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicolas Cage, though for them it’s important It is not difficult to buy in the sales market, but Ferrari’s persistence can also be seen from this.

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