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Justin Bieber: The singer cared for depression

This is the American site People which reveals that Justin Bieber is currently being treated for depression. The 24-year-old singer seems to have a hard time coping with the pressure and notoriety.

"Justin looks downcast and tired. He fights a little. That has nothing to do with Hailey [Baldwin, sa femme qu’il doit de nouveau épouser devant leurs amis et leurs familles après une union discrète à New York, NDLR]he is very happy to be married to her. It's just something else. He's fighting mentally. He receives effective help around him and he also receives treatment. He looks confident in the fact that he will be better soon"said a source close.

Another source said a bit about what eats the singer, already passed by a descent into hell. "He is on edge and struggles a lot with all this notoriety: the fact of being followed, to see each of his gestures watched by his fans, the phones pointed at him. He started as a nice little Canadian kid. He was an adorable kid, really great and very polite, nice to everyone. To have this tremendous notoriety has completely changed it. He had access to anything and everything and was surrounded by people who told him yes", said the indiscreet person.

In 2017, Justin Bieber abruptly ended his tour Purpose World Tour while there were still 14 concerts. Already at the time, his health problems were mentioned …

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