Justin Verlander opens door to Tigers comeback

For several years, Justin Verlander has been seen as the # 1 pitcher for the Houston Astros. Before his Tommy John, he was the one who guided his people.

He was the one who won the World Series as the club’s # 1 pitcher before Gerrit Cole arrived. It was also Verlander who won the Cy Young in 2019 ahead of the same Cole, who finished second in the race in the American.

But despite everything, deep down, Justin Verlander is a tiger. The guy spent many years with the Detroit Tigers and it doesn’t go away that easily.

But is he thinking of going back? The answer is yes.

Asked about it, he said he said he was ready to consider returning to the Tigers if the opportunity arises.

But for that, the right conditions will have to be in place.

At this point in his career, he wants what’s best for him. Currently, Verlander is a guy who is recovering from Tommy John surgery at 38 and will become a free agent at the end of the campaign.

What is best for him? At the moment, it’s hard to say. What will his family want, he who is married to Kate Upton?

We know that Verlander has always loved Detroit. If he’s offered the right conditions to get out of Houston and come back to where he won his first Cy Young, he’s going to listen.

It should also be remembered that besides his only game last year, the only manager Verlander has known in Texas, AJ Hinch, is now at the helm of the Tigers. Obviously, this could play a role in his decision.

I’m sure everyone in Michigan wants it and would welcome it with open arms.

Is this going to materialize? That remains to be seen.