Juventus Assessed Chance to Realize Ronaldo-Messi Duet through Sponsor Page all

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KOMPAS.com – Juventus have the opportunity to realize the football superstar duo project, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, through financial support from sponsors.

Lionel Messi is currently reportedly experiencing an internal conflict in Barcelona on Friday (07/03/2020).

Upon the news, speculation arose about Lionel Messi, one of which could be a duet with Cristiano Ronaldo in one club.

Some clubs are said to be competing to realize the football superstar duet.

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The two closest candidates to realize this are Manchester City and Juventus.

The entry of the name of Juventus as a candidate who is able to realize the Ronaldo-Messi duo also invited comments from Barcelona legend, Rivaldo.

According to him, it is not impossible that Juventus can bring Messi because they have help from a good financial side.

“It’s amazing to see the two of them playing together and I’m sure many Juventus sponsors will be happy to realize this financially,” said Rivaldo.

“So, this is also a possibility for Messi. If rumors arise about his departure, of course many clubs will think about how to recruit him,” he said.

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“The two best players in the world in the last 10 years at the same club are extraordinary,” he said.

Internal conditions that are not conducive may make Messi will soon complete cooperation in Barcelona.

Barcelona actually still have the opportunity to get the services of Messi, as long as the club’s management wants to prioritize the opinion of the superstar.

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This moment is considered quite heavy for Barcelona, ​​in addition to internal conflicts that do not go through to spread to the performance on the field.

The condition was later claimed by Rivaldo to make Barca lose the Spanish league title this season and lose again to Real Madrid.

“This is a tough moment for the club and Messi’s departure can shake all clubs from the president, director and manager,” Rivaldo said.

“The result will get worse in the future and the club can lose to Real Madrid and lose the title. So, this has invited speculation and unstable conditions within the club,” he said.

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Barcelona now are starting to compete closely with Real Madrid in the Spanish League.

The Catalans are currently seven points behind the capital club by not playing a week 34 match in the Spanish league. (Eko suicide)



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