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New indications for a possible Ronaldo exit at Juve?

At Juventus Turin and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (36), the signs are goodbye. The Portuguese should be dissatisfied. According to Italian media reports, those responsible would not be sad either if the high earner (around 31 million annual salary) could be removed from the list.

Now there is new evidence that this marriage could actually end in early divorce in the summer.

Because: Ronaldo had part of his luxury vehicle fleet transported away in a night campaign.

Ronaldo’s runabouts take off

A video from the Italian portal “Per Semper” shows that the Portuguese company “RodoCargo” picked up Ronaldo’s cars. The cars were loaded onto trucks. Everything under the watchful eye of Ronaldo, who supervised the removal of his rolling treasures.

Since it was a Portuguese company, there is now speculation in Italy that it is not a move within Turin.

His neighbor Luciano Saroglia on the pick-up campaign: “Three years ago, when Cristiano Ronaldo came to town, two trucks were transporting his cars. Last night, around 11.30 p.m., part of his collection was picked up. And they weren’t Italian trucks. “

And further: “We saw Ronaldo controlling the cars. It is unlikely to be a move within Turin. We heard conversations in a foreign language. Cristiano is a good neighbor, he doesn’t have parties, we can’t complain. Having him as a neighbor has the advantage that police patrols often come by. “

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Only Ibrahimovic does that sort of thing

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However, the Italian newspaper “Tuttosport” also reports that such car removals at Ronaldo take place once a year. Because the superstar collects expensive luxury cars.

So Ronaldo’s future remains uncertain …