Juventus’ fake accounts fermented, Ronaldo will return to Italy as a witness to investigate his old club, and ask for wage arrears by the way – yqqlm

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Original title: Juventus fake account fermentation Ronaldo will return to Italy as a witness to investigate his old club, and ask for wage arrears by the way

Cristiano Ronaldo will return as a witness to investigate his old club and ask for arrears of wages. The player is also implicated after being deducted points. The period ranges from eight months to two and a half years.

23 players who played for Juventus may be involved in the “false salary reduction” conspiracy to help the club make fake accounts and face a 30-day suspension.

Ronaldo to be investigated as witness

Ronaldo is due to fly from Saudi Arabia to Turin, Italy, where he will meet a judge and face an investigation into his private contract with Juventus. According to Italian media, Ronaldo is not among the players suspected of collusion and will be investigated as a witness.

Ditching a wage deal during a pandemic is a scam

Italian authorities have questioned those involved and have obtained recordings of conversations between Juventus defender De Sciglio and Bayern Munich centre-back De Ligt on mobile messaging apps. It is understood that former Juventus veteran Chiellini has explained to his teammates that the plan is a “false salary cut” and asked to keep it secret and not to disclose the matter to the media.

A secret agreement was reached between the club and the players. The so-called total salary reduction of 90 million euros is only reflected on the balance sheet, and the actual salary is paid as it is, in three installments. The range includes 23 members for 2019-20, including then-coach Sarri, and 17 for 2020-21.

Argentine player Dybala’s contract with Juventus will expire in June 2022. He was questioned by prosecutors in March last year, revealed all the details of the transaction and admitted: “Many people think that we gave up four. month’s salary, no one knew we would be getting three months’ salary, but it would be paid later.”

The Argentine explained that the players did not want to “give up so much monthly salary” and that the final agreement was to “give up a month” to support the club, and they would definitely get another three months’ salary. Dybala consulted with his squad and they advised him to sign to maintain “a good relationship with the club” and to have a better chance of renewing his contract. “In the end, Juventus let him go as a free agent.

The crisis may be caused by the introduction of Ronaldo

According to Spain’s “Aspen” report, the circumstances that led to Juventus’ current financial problems all started with the decision to introduce Ronaldo. Juventus invested 100 million euros in his transfer, plus his annual pre-tax salary reached 60 million euros, which greatly complicated Juventus’ balance sheet: the transfer operation over the past three years has led to Today’s lawsuit, in which Juve is accused of fictitious capital gains and underwater accounting.

The Portuguese left Italy a year and a half ago, but the case is still in the news and is at the center of an investigation by prosecutors in Turin.

Ronaldo did not appear in the list of contracts colluding with the club. Although the relationship with Mendes failed, the prudence of the Portuguese broker helped Ronaldo escape. Ronaldo’s trip also has a purpose. He will go with Georgina and her lawyers in hopes of getting his €19.9m salary back. Ronaldo left Juventus in the summer of 2021. He should have received the arrears of wages in the past few months before the due date, but in addition to the 19.9 million euros in arrears, he only received part of the wages.

The CEO of Juventus told investigators: “As far as I know, we don’t have any arrears with Ronaldo.” But Ronaldo obviously didn’t think so and decided to return his salary.

Juventus deducted 15 Serie A points

At present, Juventus has been deducted 15 Serie A points due to financial fraud, and many coaches including Nedved have been suspended. But once it is confirmed that there are more problems, he may face further sanctions and a high fine of 1 to 3 times the amount of his false salary reduction. Among them, Ronaldo’s deferred salary alone is as high as 19.6 million euros. Other sanctions include automatic relegation and cancellation of the championship (2019-20 Serie A).

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