Juventus-Lyon and Barcelona-Naples, Bergonzi: “Slow motion episodes, I have no doubt”

Mauro Bergonzi, former referee, made some statements to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo, focusing on Juventus-Lyon and Barcelona-Naples.

Live on Radio Punto Nuovo, intervened Mauro Bergonzi, former referee. Here are his words: “The arbitrage of Juventus-Lyon and of Barcelona-Napoli they were very questionable. The Juve referee was on a bad night, the penalty given to Lyon is not there, nothing has happened, I don’t understand why not to see him again at VAR. Same goes for Barcelona’s first goal. It was to be canceled. Beyond the blatantly wrong episodes, I’ve seen shoddy arbitrage. Rosetti should send Orsato on the field who is prepared and in good shape “.

Mauro Bergonzi, former referee, now also sports commentator, then added on the broadcaster Radio Punto Nuovo: “I think that the world of football is increasingly projected towards technology and modernity, so I don’t care who is there, but that something new is done. We have few young whistles. I think that things have gone always worse when they separated CAN A and CANB I hope that things can change dramatically over the next few months. “

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