Kadakampally Surendran has denied allegations that he spoke badly to PSC employees

Thiruvananthapuram: Minister Kadakampally Surendran has denied allegations that he misbehaved with PSC candidates who came to meet him demanding extension of the rank list. The minister admitted that he had never spoken badly to anyone but asked a female candidate who told him that she was above 500 if she was sure she would get a job after 10 years.

Words of Kadakampally –

Some PSC candidates came to see me this morning. When I asked a girl what her rank was, she said it was 583. I asked them if they could get a job even if the rank list was extended for another ten years.

I also asked if you have not become a pawn in the hands of the enemy to make a government that has only done good good. They did not respond to any of this. They did it by listening to everything I said. Then some media came and saw me and told me that the candidates were upset after hearing what the minister said.

They will surely grieve. It is the grief that comes from guilt. I asked the candidates if they knew that there were expired lists in the PSC rank list without even appointing anyone … They did not say anything about it.

Most PSC rank lists expire without taking all the people on the rank list. The PSC candidates did not come to see me after getting my permission or asking me. They feel guilty that they have become puppets and puppets to insult a good government in the end.

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