Kadetten Schaffhausen on course for the final | Sports at home/abroad

GC Amicitia missed out on possible success against the cadets, the qualifier winners. Zurich was leading 15:13 in the first half when Marijan Maric, one of Zurich’s key players, committed an assault. When GC Amicitia finally played with full stock again in the second half, the home team was 15:16 behind.

Later, GC Ami turned a 23:25 into a 29:27, but made two technical errors in the last eight minutes, a throwing error, two more unsuccessful attacks and a foul in the final second, which Joan Cañellas scored the winning goal for the cadets with a penalty enabled.

master with problems

Pathi Winterthur, the champion of last season, who has always reached the playoff final since 2016, is still not on tour in the playoffs. Winterthur had to go the full distance against St. Otmar St. Gallen in the quarter-finals and won twice in home games with a difference of just one goal. At the guest appearance in Thun in front of 1610 spectators, Pfadi only led in the initial phase. Wacker Thun turned a 1:3 into a 6:3 and even led by eight goals at the beginning of the second half (24:16). Luca Linder scored ten goals for Wacker Thun.

The third round of semi-finals will be played on Thursday.