Kadyrov again cursed Stalin

Kadyrov again cursed Stalin

On the day of the 74th anniversary of the deportation of the Chechen people, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, once again condemned the policy of Stalinist repression, urging the Chechens to look ahead, not obsessed with the tragic past. Head of the Chechen Republic spoke in his channel in Telegram .

According to him, “there have been a lot of tragic events in the history of the Chechen nation that counts the millennium,” for example, the predatory wars waged by powerful powers to “conquer Chechnya and the Chechen people forever.”

“However, none of these wars is in any comparison with the repression of Joseph Stalin (be he damned for ever and ever) against the Chechen people.” There are few cases in the world where people were removed from their homes and sent to certain death within a day, to a gradual the extinction of entire nations, “Kadyrov said.

And this is exactly what the head of Chechnya recalls, made Stalin on February 23, 1944 : “We were deprived of everything – our native land, our native houses, acquired by centuries, were driven into cattle cars, taken and thrown out in the Altai mountains, Kazakhstan steppes, and driven into lead-zinc and uranium mines.”

However, today Chechens “live in a new Russia, where real rights and freedoms are guaranteed to each people,” Ramzan Kadyrov recalls, and the Chechen people “have the wisdom and courage to look ahead, not to focus solely on the tragic past.”

“Together with all nations we are building a new Russia!” – he emphasizes, turning to the Most High with a request to permanently protect Chechens from new shocks, tragedies and adversities, to send peace and stability to all of Russia.

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