Kaiserslautern wins pursuer duel in Dusseldorf: The live ticker to read – SOCCER 2nd LIGA

11/11/2022 – 8:45 p.m

Late drama in the chase duel!

For the eighth time this season, Lautern has scored points after falling behind. Fortuna dominated the first half and took the lead with an early dream goal from Michał Karbownik (14′). Lautern gave the ball to the Rhinelanders and didn’t have any chances themselves.

FCK coach Dirk Schuster found clear words in the half-time break. Because: His team showed a completely new face after the change of sides. After a few seconds, Wunderlich hit the crossbar, four minutes later Kevin Kraus headed in after a corner to make it 1-1 (50′).

Then, in the 95th minute, the scene of the game: Karbownik knocked Lobinger off his feet in the penalty area, Klement kept his nerve and scored from the point to make it 1-2.

After the penalty, some Fortuna fans caused ugly scenes. The chaotic stormed the lawn and attacked the goal scorer Klement, the own Fortuna players had to scare the strikers back into the ranks.

Dusseldorf slips down to 7th place with the defeat, Kaiserslautern moves up to 4th place before Paderborn has to play in Nuremberg on Sunday. On January 27, Düsseldorf welcomes Magdeburg at the start of the second half of the season, while Lautern is a guest in Hanover a day later. Here you can read the whole game in the live ticker.

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