“Kamakura-dono no thirteen” The unexpected real face of Emperor Gotoba, the biggest wall of the Hojo clan who fought in the Jokyu War. Lands related to “Kamakura-dono” (19th) | JBpress autograph

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Enthronement without the Three Sacred Treasures

In the Taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no 13nin” as well, towards the climax of the Jokyu Rebellion, the other main character of the Rebellion, Matsuya Onoe played by Retired Emperor Gotoba (Emperor Gotoba), has increased his turn.

What kind of person is Go-Toba, who reigns as Chiten no Kimi (a general term for the de facto leader of the government affairs of the Imperial Court) and stands in the way of Hojo Yoshitoki as his greatest enemy?

Gotoba was born on July 14, 1180, as the fourth prince of Emperor Takakura. It was about a month before Minamoto no Yoritomo raised an army.

His mother was the daughter of Nobutaka BOMON (Shukko SHICHIJOIN). Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa, “Japan’s number one tengu,” played by Toshiyuki Nishida, is his grandfather. Gotoba succeeded to the throne in 1183, when he was four years old.

In July of the same year, when the forces of Yoshinaka KISO (played by Munetaka AOKI) were about to enter Kyoto, the Taira family left for the western part of the country, accompanied by Emperor Antoku, Gotoba’s half-brother by a different mother. This is the famous “Heike no Miyako Ochi”. At that time, he took away the “Three Sacred Treasures”.

The three sacred treasures are the sacred mirror ‘Yata Kagami’, the divine seal ‘Yashaku Ninomagatama’, and the treasured sword ‘Ama no Murakumo Sword’ (Kusanagi Sword). It was a symbol of the imperial throne, and it was truly a sacred treasure that was essential for the imperial ceremony performed by the emperor.

Go-Shirakawa, who was Chiten-no-Kimi at that time, enthroned Gotoba in order to avoid the abnormal situation of the absence of the emperor. It was an exceptional enthronement in which there was no inheritance of the Three Sacred Treasures.

Of the Three Sacred Treasures, the divine mirror and the sacred seal were restored, but the treasured sword sank into the sea along with the young Antoku when the Taira clan perished in Dannoura in 1885. Despite repeated searches under the sea, the sword was never found.

Gotoba has lost forever the treasured sword that guarantees his legitimacy as an emperor. This will be Gotoba’s lifelong debt.

In January 1198, when he turned 19, he abdicated the throne to Imperial Prince Tamehito (Emperor Tsuchimikado), who was 4 years old, and became the retired emperor. After that, as Chiten-no-Kimi, he ruled the cloistered government (a form of politics in which the retired emperor conducts government affairs) for three generations, Emperor Juntoku and Emperor Chukyo.

Gotoba, who became the retired emperor, showed his outstanding talent in the literary and military arts.