Kamala Harris Announces Historic Funding to Boost Health Care

(NEWS NOW) .- Vice President Kamala Harris announced a Historic funding to bolster equitable healthcare during the pandemic, according to the official statement from the White House.

Harris announced Monday a $ 1.5 billion investment to help grow and diversify the nation’s healthcare workforce and strengthen equitable care in the communities that need it most during the COVID-19 pandemic and for years to come.

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Investing in the National Health Service Corps and the Nurses Corps expand and diversify the healthcare workforce and improve critical clinical care in underserved communities, assured.

These programs address labor shortages and health disparities by providing scholarships and loan repayment funds for students and health professionals, in exchange for a commitment to serve the most affected and high-risk communities.

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Additionally, the United States is projected to face a shortage of nearly 60,000 primary care physicians, dentists, and psychiatrists over the next decade, and an estimated 158,000 new nurses will graduate each year for the rest of the decade, the official website reads. of the government.

A substantial barrier to meeting these healthcare needs is student debt associated with graduate health education, which can average more than $ 200,000 per student and prevent students from underserved communities from even considering a career in healthcare professions.

To further support the expansion of primary care, The Administration also plans to begin awarding $ 330 million in funding from the Teaching Health Center’s Graduate Medical Education American Rescue Plan.

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Today’s announcements respond directly to the recommendations of the Presidential COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force, which submitted its final report to the White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator earlier this month.

This was Harris’s official announcement on the equity and the workforce in health care: