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Kamala Harris joins impeachment while Democrats remain split US news

Hello and welcome to our live blog coverage of the White House 2020 race.

Senator Kamala Harris, a presidential candidate, raised a few ears in a city hall hosted by CNN on Monday when he participated in calls for the removal of Donald Trump.

Special Representative Robert Mueller's report "tells us that this president and his government have obstructed the judiciary," said Harris, a former California Attorney General.

"I think Congress should take the steps to impeach."


Accuse! Photo: Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Whether Trump's impeachment should be prosecuted, according to the Mueller report, is a debate that is dividing not only the candidates for 2020 but also the Democratic Party in general. With the majority control in the house Democrats could accuse Trump for a direct party line.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was ahead of the field of major candidates for 2020 when she demanded Trump's impeachment, a call she repeated on Monday.

"If another person in this country had done what the Mueller report documents, he would be arrested and put in jail," Warren said.

However, some Democrats believe Trump's Trump treatment in the legislature, which could make him the star of the stage for possibly months of indictment charges, could backfire.

Nancy Pelosi warned the Democrats not to rush to lift hands in a conference call with party leaders on Monday afternoon. And Senator Bernie Sanders, also a presidential candidate, articulated this view in the CNN City Hall, which took place in Manchester, New Hampshire, which will be the second state to vote in the primary season.

"If everything talks about the Congress for the next year and a half, Trump, Trump, Trump," Sanders said, "I'm worried that this is for Trump's advantage."


Consist. Photo: Meg Kinnard / AP

In other news, the president fidgets on Twitter this morning.

Donald J. Trump

The radical left-wing Democrats, along with their leaders in the fake news media, have gone completely crazy! I think that means that the republican agenda works. Stay tuned for more!

April 23, 2019


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