Spy photos of the onboard KamAZ with a K5 cab appeared on the Web. The pre-series "three-axle" copy passes the developmental tests in real conditions on the federal highway M-7 "Moscow-Ufa". The photo of the experimental truck is published by "Auto-Ref." The novelty, like KAMAZ 54901, has a high cabin K5. As an add-on used onboard platform.

Earlier on the Internet were published images of two-axle long-haul trucks.

It is worth noting that the three-axis "loner" of the new generation has a third axle completely lifting, which means that the wheel formula of the truck is no longer 6×4, but 6×2. "Sloth" allows you to save fuel and protect rubber. Judging by the raised rear axle, the car was driving on the highway without load.

We can safely say that the new three-axle vehicle is the “successor” of the “KAMAZ” -5320.

5320 carries the title of "cult" truck, it was he who became the very first model of the brand "KAMAZ". The car was equipped with a V-shaped eight-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 10.85 liters, with an output of 180-210 hp, paired with a 10-speed manual gearbox. Model "lived" on the conveyor from 1976 to 2001.

Recall, the main KamAZ tractor with index 54901 will be the first model of the new K5 family of trucks. The fifth generation of serial tractors will be on the assembly line in January 2019. At the same time, in the current year in Naberezhnye Chelny, an experimental-industrial batch will be assembled;

For most of the external and external parts, the KamAZ 54901 is unified with the latest generation Mercedes Benz Actros (produced since 2012), but at the same time it has a completely original design for the front end and a different interior.

The new KamAZ will be equipped with a new P6 turbodiesel, which was created in collaboration with the Swiss company Liebherr. Engine capacity is 12.0 liters, and power from 380 to 550 hp The claimed motor resource is 1.5 million km with interservice intervals of 150,000 km each. Motor is aggregated with German automated gearbox ZF Traxon.

According to preliminary information, the 54901st will be localized at 80-85%, and will cost 15-20% less than the same Actros.



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