Kamilla revealed a huge secret about her marriage to Prince Charles

Kamilla Parker Bowles, also known as the Duchess of Cornwall, doesn’t really like to be interviewed, but she made an exception with the British Vogue, in which she also revealed much about her marriage to Prince Charles to the delight of fans of the royal family.

The Duchess of Camilla was surrounded by great hatred for years, as many blamed her for the failure of Diana and Charles’ marriage, and even for the death of the late Princess.

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Although their relationship was an open secret, it was not until a few years after Diana’s death that they publicly pledged their love, which only they and those living in their immediate environment really understood. As stated in the The Crown also know from the series, Kamilla and Károly’s love did not begin during Diana, but at a young age.

But before their love could be fulfilled, their lives took a different direction. Chamomile went to another and had children while As heir to the throne, Charles had to find the perfect wife, whom the British people will love too. Although the world really got an immortal legend in Diana, Charles was not happy.

Her heart pulled her back to Kamilla, with whom he had an affair throughout his marriage. After the former princely couple divorced, Charles no longer wanted to be away from his current wife. Neither the Queen nor the opinions of the people could stop her in her decision, which has borne fruit: Kamilla and Károly are now officially married and happy with each other.

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Chamomile and Charles

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They both have a tight agenda, but even after all these years, they find it important to do so for their relationship, about which Camilla herself revealed some intimate details:

“Sometimes it’s not easy, but we always try to have a point in the day when we’re alone.” The Duchess told British Vogue, who added that these moments are reflected in the smallest things.

“We always sit down for a cup of tea and discuss our day. We have to sit in different corners of a room and read our books. It’s a very relaxing feeling because we don’t have to talk to know I have it… ”

Kamilla and Károly got married in the biggest secret in 2005 in the presence of their own children. Queen Elizabeth also supported them in their marriage.

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