Kanjuruhan Solidarity Action, DIY Police Headquarters Strikes Out ‘Murderer’

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia

Dozens of people who are members of the Movement of the People’s Alliance (ARB) held a solidarity action to the tragedy of Kanjuruhan in front of the Police Headquarters DIYDepok, Sleman, Wednesday (5/10) night.

The masses were observed to come to the front area of ​​the DIY Police Headquarters at around 20.00 WIB and staged their action an hour later. Their action began by holding a prayer together for the victims of the Kanjuruhan tragedy.

In addition to solidarity, the participants claimed that this action was carried out as a form of protest against the repression of the apparatus in a number of events in Indonesia, including the Kanjuruhan tragedy.



“This is a form of resistance from the police, which is becoming more and more brutal today with batons, tear gas, and barracudas,” said one of the orators.

The crowd put up a number of candles as a symbol of mourning along the wall with the name of the Indonesian National Police for the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Some of them even scribbled ‘Killer’ and ‘Dog’ with pilox paint around the name.

On the asphalt road in front of the DIY Police Headquarters, they wrote ‘TNI/Police Murderer’.

“Remove the East Java Regional Police Chief, remove the General Chairperson of PSSI,” said another orator in response to the Kanjuruhan tragedy.

Meanwhile, Wales as the coordinator of the action explained that this action was a collective movement to address the Kanjuruhan tragedy which they considered a humanitarian problem.

Through this action, continued Wales, the masses hope that the cause of death of hundreds of victims in Kanjuruhan can be thoroughly investigated. This includes demanding that the government prosecute those deemed responsible.

“Because we know that currently many narratives are coming out, from government officials, be it the police, PSSI or the government directly blaming various parties. In fact, until now there have been no specific findings,” said Wales.

“And when we come down here (Mapolda DIY) we think that the police are the main perpetrators of this incident. That’s why we ask to thoroughly investigate the roots,” he continued.

For the masses, continued Wales, the removal of the Malang Police Chief AKBP Ferli Hidayat was not enough considering the number of victims who had fallen. The masses urged a complete overhaul of the Bhayangkara Corps and TNI.

“It’s not enough just to be removed from office. Because we know this is a problem where many parents lose their children, children lose their fathers and it can’t be limited to just being dislodged. this,” he said.

Another protest participant, Ye, said that the incident in Kanjuruhan did not only indicate a violation of the handling procedures by the authorities. According to him, there is still a command in the tear gas shooting which is said to have triggered the death toll.

“It is impossible for an institution or member of the National Police to take action without a clear command. It means that either systemically or by command, there is something behind this happening,” he said.

“Because we know that according to FIFA statutes it is not permissible for police or security institutions to carry tear gas or firearms to secure the crowd of action under any circumstances. There is no reason because many who enter the field continue to fire tear gas, causing death,” he concluded.

As of 22.05 WIB, the masses were observed to be holding a conducive action. One of the orators once called for them to stay in front of the DIY Police Headquarters until the candles were burned out.

The riot at the Kanjuruhan Stadium occurred after the Arema FC vs. Persebaya match, Saturday (1/10) night. This incident left 131 people dead.

The incident is said to have started when the officers fired tear gas – based on testimonies also at the stands – to dispel the chaotic crowds on the field after Arema’s match against Persebaya.

The spectators in the stands, panicked by the tear gas, rushed to the stadium’s restricted exit. Many spectators experienced shortness of breath, fell, and were trampled to death.

The National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo then disabled the Malang Police Chief AKBP Ferli Hidayat in the aftermath of this incident. The mutation is stated in the telegram number ST/2098/X/KEP/2022.

In the telegram, Tanjung Priok Port Police Chief AKBP Putu Kholis Aryana was lined up to replace Ferli, who was transferred to become Pamen SSDM Polri.

Then, East Java Police Chief Inspector General Nico Afinta also disabled nine Brimob commanders in the aftermath of the tragedy.

In addition, to date the Special Inspectorate (Itsus) and Propam Polri have also examined 31 Polri personnel who are suspected of violating the code of ethics in their security duties.


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