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The American football festival has as main protagonists the executors of the fixed tactic. Field marshals Patrick Mahomes, the young 24-year-old prodigy, faces a reborn Jimmy Garoppolo in the Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs want to be top champions again after half a century of zero wins at the expense of the San Francisco 49ers who want their sixth title, something that would tie them with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots. The Miami turf will host the big game this Sunday (16.30 local time, 17.30 Mexico time and 0.30 peninsular time).

If a foreign name rumbled the week before the Super Bowl, it was Tom Brady. The quarterback most successful in all American football left Jimmy Garoppolo in the shadow for four seasons. In 2014, the New England Patriots signed an Illinois university promise. It was, according to the leadership, a prospect to replace Brady in times of anxiety. And so it happened. In 2016 he had to start as a holder after the suspension of Brady in the case of deflated balls. With the Patriots and as a secondary player he won two Super Bowl, without playing them. “You could see it [a Tom Brady], his nonverbal language, the way he prepares himself does so to arrive with confidence on Sunday. I’m trying to do the same, ”Garoppolo said in allusion to his mentor.

Garroppolo left the team and signed one of the great millionaire contracts of the NFL: five years for $ 137.5 million to play in San Francisco. A ligament injury shattered his plans to earn his place. “A year ago I was learning to run again, it’s crazy,” said Jimmy G, as he is nicknamed. With the number 10 on his back, he seeks his own glory.

The brilliant Patrick Mamohes suffers from an early success. And it’s actually the Mahomes II of the family, because his father was a professional baseball player. The high performance sport formed him and offered him two alternatives in college: playing baseball in Detroit or American football in Texas. Already with the tight protections began to alert recruiters. “He has a great arm and is agile. It will drive your coach crazy the first few years. It will become in a quarterback special ”, reads in the records of the NFL viewers. In Kansas City, before the desolate seasons, they looked for him desperately until they signed him. And the premonitions about his success were true.

In the first year of Mahomes II in the NFL he was a substitute in a desperate Kansas City. The franchise opted for him in 2018 and, in his first year as a starter, he won the most valuable player award. He led the Chiefs to the prelude to the Super Bowl, but Tom Brady and the Patriots thwarted what would have been a huge season. This year, despite some discomfort in his knees, Patrick Mahomes has reached his first Super Bowl. For the player, Kansas’s success is not for the quarterback, but for “being in the right organization with the right coaches and teammates.”

Curiosities fly the great game of 2020. Kansas City has played only the Super Bowl twice, the last time was more than 50 years ago. And from there the franchise has lived in the exile of glory. In San Francisco the showcases are populated, but somewhat dusty. In the eighties and part of the nineties they were the ideal team of the entire NFL to win five championships, four of them won by the legendary quarterback Joe Montana And, perhaps in one of the big matches, Montana retired as a player in Kansas City because the 49ers had hired who, they supposed, would be his heir.

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