Kanye West: Instagram bans the rapper for a month for ‘anti-Semitic messages’

Rapper Kanye West, also known as Yewas suspended this Sunday from Instagram for the next 30 days after publishing the photograph of a virtual conversation in which he referred “derogatorily” to Jewish businessmen, a spokesman for Meta confirmed to the US press on Monday.

West, punctuated in recent weeks by endless controversies and vetoes due to various anti-Semitic comments, had already announced this suspension a day earlier through his Parler account, the conservative social network that he intends to acquire.

The post the artist was trying to upload to Instagram revealed an exchange of text messages with Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings, in which he urged Kanye West to “rebuild the business” and received in response a statement considered anti-Semitic for Meta, the company that owns Instagram.

“I have to get Jewish businessmen to make fair contracts or die trying,” he assured in this publication that represents a new cancellation for the rapper just 4 days after being readmitted after another veto of this social network for the same reason.

Kanye West Suspended for ‘Repeatedly Violating Policies’ on Instagram

After that, Kanye West He also lavished on his Parler profile expressing his displeasure with Instagram: “I got kicked out for 30 days for telling Russel Simmons he was going to make ‘you know who’ have better contracts and business practices. Jesus is king.”

He also posted a screenshot of the notification he received at the time of being banned, which read: “We are restricting certain activity to protect our community. Based on your usage, this action will not be available to you until on November 29, 2022.”

A spokesperson for the company Meta confirmed to the US press that the company removed the content from Ye’s account and canceled it for a month for “repeatedly violating policies”, so he will not be allowed to post, comment or send direct messages. until the veto expires.

At the beginning of October, Instagram already deleted content from the account Ye and the same what Twittertemporarily restricted it.

Kanye West’s career in decline

The career of the renowned artist has been undermined in recent weeks by his controversial comments on social networks, even damaging his commercial agreements with important brands.

And it is that, among other recent controversies, the German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas ended last week its cooperation with Kanye West after various “unacceptable and anti-Semitic” statements by the rapper.

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