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Kanye West says he was "used" and moves away from politics

LOS ANGELES – American rapper Kanye West said on Tuesday on his Twitter account that he feels "used" and will move away from politics to devote himself completely to his artistic career. "My eyes are now wide open and now I realize that I've been used to spread messages that I do not believe in, "the rapper wrote on his official Twitter account, which has 28.7 million followers." I'm going to distance myself from politics and focus completely on being creative! " he added. West, a fundamental reference of American hip hop, attracted media attention in recent times by showing his support for US President Donald Trump. This support from the musician, criticized by many of his followers and by different voices of the entertainment world in the United States, reached its climax on October 11 when he visited the White House to talk with Trump about gang violence and the reform of The prison system in the country. With the television cameras present, West, wearing a red cap with the motto "Make America Great Again," referred to Trump as his "hero" and thanked him for making him feel "like Superman." "When I tell a progressive that I like Trump, they say, 'Oh, but it's racist.' Do you think racism can control me? No, that can not stop me, it's an invisible wall, "said the artist in an improvised and disconcerting monologue in the Oval Office. Previously, his wife, Kim Kardashian, had also come to the White House to talk to Trump about the prisons and prison sentences in the United States.


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