Kapolda Reveals Central Maluku Clashes Are Pure Boundary Issues, Not SARA

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Maluku Police Chief Inspector General Lotharia Latif said the clashes between residents of Kariuw Village and Ori Village, Haruku Island District, Central Maluku Regency, were purely related to problems boundary.

“I emphasize that this case has nothing to do with racial and religious issues, but is purely a border issue, causing disputes,” he told reporters at his office, Ambon City, Friday (28/1).

He said the issue could not be allowed to drag on because it could have a bigger impact due to illegal issues.

“This conflict, if left unchecked, may have an impact because many people will take advantage of these issues to draw on other things, apart from the real problem,” he said.

“Don’t repeat it because this is all very detrimental to us as children of the nation and state. We agree that the state is based on Pancasila state law, not a religious state,” hoped Latif.

In a video conference from his office, Lotharia also denied the issue of destroying houses of worship. He admitted that he had directly checked the situation on the ground and the places of worship that were rumored to be on fire with the Regional Leadership Communication Forum.

“The house of worship that is rumored to be on fire is not true because the condition of the building is in good and safe condition,” he said, quoted from Between.

Regarding indications of firearms used during clashes between the two villages, the former National Police Chief of Police Baharkam said he would approach the residents.

“For indications of firearms during clashes, we will also urge the public to be able to hand over the firearms used to the security forces, both the Police and the TNI in the field,” he said.

Meanwhile, Member of the House of Representatives from the Maluku Electoral District (Dapil) Mercy Christy Barends urged the Maluku Provincial Government and District/City Governments to comprehensively record conflicts or land boundary disputes.

This needs to be done so that the case does not drag on like a fire in the husks which at any time can trigger social conflict.

“The typology of land disputes in Maluku is according to the incoming letters I received as a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives until the beginning of this year, generally due to land boundary disputes between districts, between villages/states, usurpation of customary land rights, inheritance rights, dual certificates and land disputes. others,” he said.


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