Karaday signaled in the Capital of Tolerance

As future President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, one of our main goals is to work for the preservation and promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of our country. Religious diversity is part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage. This was stated by the MRF leader and presidential candidate Mustafa Karadayi in the Capital of Tolerance Kardzhali. He and Vice Presidential candidate Iskra Mihailova visited first the new mosque in the city, and then the central church “St. George the Victorious.

In Kardzhali, as the Capital of Tolerance, both mosques and churches are worth seeing. They could become an attraction for European tourists, Karaday added.

“The personal battles that politicians wage with each other turn into an inter-institutional war that leads to political crises, crises of statehood, a crisis of democracy in the country as a whole. “Never with these, with those …” and why? – they have no answer “, pointed out Mustafa Karadayi, visiting the new mosque in Kardzhali. There, he and Mihaylova were greeted by District Mufti Basri Eminefendi, who presented them with a framed photo of the religious temple.

The Mayor of Kardzhali, Dr. Eng. Hassan Azis, personally told Mustafa Karadayi the story of the construction of the mosque – a symbol of tolerance, understanding and unity. Along with them were the candidate for vice president Iskra Mihaylova, the deputy chairmen of MRF Halil Letifov and Ahmed Ahmedov, the MEP Atidje Veli, the regional chairman of MRF – Resmi Murad, municipal chairmen, municipal councilors, municipal mayors, members and supporters of MRF.

“Apart from building walls, they are also digging trenches and waging a trench war – this is the bad thing in politics in our country today. The time has come to end all this. The MRF is based on the philosophy of togetherness in making politics. is here in Kardzhali, “Karaday added.

Tolerance is the result of many joint efforts, support us, vote with number 17, wrote on his personal Facebook page Dr. Eng. Hassan Azis!

In the church “St. George the Victorious ”in Kardzhali Karaday and Mihaylova were welcomed by the parish priest Father Peter Garena, who presented them with an icon of the Mother of God with the Infant, and blessed them for success on the path to the unification of the nation and the return of statehood.

“To enter a temple means to open one’s soul. Thank you for keeping the understanding and respect between the people “, said to the priest Iskra Mihailova

Visiting a mosque and a church and receiving blessings from both places again reminds us how much work was put in by the honorary chairman of the MRF Dr. Ahmed Dogan in creating warm, friendly, neighborly relations between the different ethnic groups in Bulgaria, wrote Hassan Azis in his personal your Facebook page.

He added: “That is why our candidates Karaday-Mihaylova are the embodiment of these 30 years of efforts and achievements. We continue to build democracy, with number 17!”