Karbauskis Agrokoncernas and other companies will not work with Russia

“We are taking this step because we are a responsible Lithuanian business and we are not the same as what is happening with our friend Ukraine. “We are not only responsible for the future of our country, to which we contribute through our transparent and fiscal activities, but we also feel a personal responsibility for every farmer, employee and their families who work with us,” said the politician.

According to him, cooperation with Putin’s Russian companies is no longer possible, planning business development, the group of companies seeks to contribute to the goal of Lithuania and the European Union to reduce energy and other dependence on Russia.

“I also feel a great responsibility and commitment to the entire team of the Agrokoncern group of companies, which, as before, has worked and will continue to work for the highest standards, quick response and responsible solutions to keep the processes running smoothly.

In the face of Russia’s cruelty and cynicism in occupying Ukraine, killing innocent people, cooperation with Putin’s Russian companies can no longer take place, “says R. Karbauskis.

According to R. Karbauskis, what is happening in Ukraine these days is in no way justified.

“Putin’s Russia is committing crimes against peaceful people, encroaching on a democratic state, and undermining Ukraine’s goals of expanding its well-deserved membership in the family of democratic and free states.
Ukraine cannot and will not be left alone if we all do our homework. “Today is the day when we must take steps in principle to express our opposition to Putin’s aggression against peaceful people,” the politician wrote.

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