Karim Benzema sentenced to one year in prison with suspended sentence for blackmailing Valbuena – News

According to the BBC, Karim Benzema has already received his conviction for allegedly extorting Mathieu Valbuena, also a footballer and teammate at the time of the facts.

The judge at the Versailles court found Benzema guilty of the crime of blackmail and sentenced him to a suspended sentence of one year and a fine of 75,000 euros — which the Public Ministry had requested, despite the foreseen penal frame of up to five years in prison.

At issue is the alleged participation of Benzema in an extortion scheme using a video of a sexual nature starring Mathieu Valbuena, 37 years old.

The case happened more than five years ago, during an internship in the French national team, after Valbuena had resorted to data recovery services on her mobile phone.

Faced with the blackmail scheme – there were four other defendants in the process -, Benzema says he only tried to help Valbuena to solve the problem in the best way, through a friend, advising his colleague to pay the amount that was being extorted.

Lawyers for Benzema, 33, had demanded the acquittal of her client, considering that the alleged offense remained unproven, and are going to appeal.

The other four defendants in the trial were sentenced to sentences ranging from 18 months in prison with parole to two and a half years in prison.

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