Kārlis Būmeister’s three-year-old boy accidentally participates in the recording of Mārtiņš Freimanis’ song

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Kārlis Būmeisters has decided to sing Mārtiņš’s song “To the Himalayan Clouds”, it was recorded in Kārlis’ apartment in Brussels and Būmeister’s three-year-old son also took part.

“I lack Frames’ naturalness in music, some skew notes and almost perceptible primordial energy in unexplored, disinfected studios. in the apartment, helping my little Boehmaster with a microphone, who in the middle of the song did not refuse to express their thoughts on my performance, “says Kārlis.

“Be that as it may. Glad, Freimi. Who would have thought that this was such a big piece for you, teaching you to stay so small behind the shadow of other hits,” he adds.

Guntars Račs, the executive producer of the album “My Friend – Mārtiņš Freimanis”, says that of all the 12 songs on the album, this one, recorded in the kitchen of a Brussels apartment, has addressed him the most emotionally.

“Tayes the song story itself dominates, which is neither embellished nor smeared. It is very possible that I like this version even better than the original, because as the circumstances change, we now listen to Freiman ‘s songs differently, “says Račs.

“When Kārlis sent this demo, I immediately said that it is a ready version and there is no need to change anything there.”

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