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Karol G settled the controversy between Anuel AA and Ivy Queen: "I'm not looking for titles"

For the Colombian Karol G it does not matter who is considered the queen of the urban genre, as long as there are successful women and an important place in a style of music dominated by men,

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Karol G was inserted into the controversy that started her partner, the Puerto Rican trawler Anuel AA, who questioned that Ivy Queen is still called "queen" of the reggaeton when there are artists, mainly his girlfriend , that in the present are more successful than the Puerto Rican.

"I've shown my respect to Ivy as I could, in my social networks and in interviews. I had the honor of telling him in person how much I admire his career and how great it is, but we are all worthy of what we have because none of us today have given us anything and it has cost us a lot ", said Karol G in the video.

In the video, the interpreter has in her hand a small crown to which she refers directly to try to settle the dispute over who is the queen of the genre.

"This is a crown, this does not exist, nobody is going to give us a crown for what we have done. I am not looking for degrees, I am looking for the success of my career as I believe that everyone is doing every day, getting up for a dream "he said.

Finally, the Colombian said she is happy to be the "queen" of Anuel AA.

"My boyfriend thank you because I know what you meant, I am your queen, I am very happy that you see me this big because you motivate me and all of you are going to do what you like and work for that, get plugged in, connect, I send you a kiss, "he concluded.

Anuel AA revolcó a hornet when also in his Instagram published a "story" with a message in which he did not mention by name to Ivy Queen, but it was easy to know who he meant.

"As they are going to tell me that a woman who does not sing a song more than 7 years ago is the queen of reggaeton ???????", she read the textual message that Anuel published in her account @ anuel_2blea. "LOS NÚMEROS NO LIE !!!!!!! Kobe was the King for his times but now it's LEBRON !!!!!! "



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