Karol G will debut as an actress in a Netflix series with a story that will not be biographical – Nueva Mujer

Urban star Karol G does not stop in his attempt to continue gaining ground within the entertainment industry, therefore, after an interview he had with Jimmy Fallon on his show The Tonight Show Starring, She did not hesitate to reveal that she will soon make the leap to acting with Netflix.

This surprised her loyal fans and at the same time delighted those who have long wanted to see her in another artistic facet. Because, the interpreter of Bichota He did not hesitate to reveal it as a scoop of what is to come soon in his career. In addition, he commented that in January he will begin the recordings of this project, which is nothing more than a series in which he will have an outstanding participation.

What he also made clear is that It is not a biographical series, on the contrary, it is a story in which she will play a character that has nothing to do with her. “I am going to act. I have a surprise for my people in January. I’m going to start filming a series for Netflix. It’s not about my life, it’s about acting; I have a character, so I’m preparing for that, ”he said during the show.

Karol G will debut as an actress in Netflix series with a story that will not be biographical

With this a possible bioseries or documentary showing aspects of his life is ruled outOn the contrary, she will work on a character that will be assigned to her in this production of which she has not yet revealed her name or the theme that will be addressed. In this way, it generates more expectations and eagerness to see it debuting through the streaming giant.

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With this, Karol G seeks to fulfill one of his most cherished dreams, such as exploring other areas that have always caught his attention., because at the beginning of 2021 she had already expressed her intention to do something different, but not to completely distance her from the artistic.

“I have many plans that are not music … I don’t know, acting and, actually, I dream of acting as the horrible bad guy in the movie. It always happens to me that my favorite characters are the bad guy because he is the one that, as everyone remembers … that is the character that I want to do, “he said at that time in The Rockstar Show, by Nicky Jam.

Since then, she hadn’t had the chance to find a project that completely convinced her, but it seems she’s already well on her way and therefore in January of next year we will see her in a new facet, further consolidating her image and demonstrating her versatility.

This is something that the fans appreciate, because the Colombian has known how to stand out within the music industry in which there are only successes for her who in this 2021 has traveled the world successfully through her Bichota Tour in which he has taken his music to various parts and has conquered the music market in an overwhelming way.