Karolina Gilon referred to the criticism of her appearance. She did not mince words. “She took it very seriously”

Since Karolina Gilon’s media career has gained momentum, the model is increasingly confronted with comments about her appearance. And although on a daily basis she tries not to react to any irritations, this time she could not pass indifferently by an article in one of the tabloids, which pointed out her appearance during the Polsat SuperHit Festival.

The disgusted model decided to raise this issue on Instagram by posting an extensive video material on InstaStory and a post on self-acceptance.

Why did Karolina Gilon and Maciej Dowbor present the award for Maneskin in Polish?

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Karolina Gilon goes on a diet

Karolina Gilon: What the hell should I look like so that everyone would be happy with it?

At the InstaStories of the model, her few-minute speech appeared. Gilon began by pointing out that none of us are perfect, and that constantly pointing out our imperfections can have dire consequences, especially for young people.

Was there really no more interesting topics to talk about that day than my belly fold? None of us are perfect, each of us has some flaws, a worse moment in our life, not always in shape … I can’t always be “perfect. (…) I think that most girls and guys too I feel bad in my body, precisely because of the hate that exists on the Internet. That’s how anyone can judge and criticize someone … and what? In summer I have to wear too long pants and shirts, just because my body is Perfect at the moment? Such things create depression and complexes, and sometimes people do not want to leave the house because they feel bad in their body … – she said.

Then she confessed that regardless of whether she weighs less or more, there will always be someone who will not be comfortable with this state of affairs.

When I was too thin, it was wrong and they wrote that I looked sick, when I put on a little weight it was also bad, because my fold was sticking out. How the hell am I supposed to look to make every other person happy with it?

At the end, Gilon emphasized that while the words of criticism meant little to her, she was afraid that such behavior could affect younger people. That is why she decided to raise this topic in the context of the body positive movement.

Polsat SuperHit FestivalKarolina Gilon and Maciej Dowbor pissed off Maneskin fans. “Just a shame!”

Young girls who hear such things in the summer will never undress to bikini because they have a fold. I am very much for body positive, of course it is not about explaining it, but the most important thing in life is not how we look, but that we are healthy and feel good. I feel great in my body and that’s why I reveal it, even when I have a few more kilos, I don’t care.

The model wished all Internet users, above all, health and that they would always feel good about themselves.

Polsatuu employee: She decided to take advantage of it

As the Polsat employee tells us, Karolina Gilon is taken over by the published article. The model decided to use it as an example and appeal to Internet users to put their well-being first.

She was very concerned about it, because she really looked great and was preparing very intensively for this Sopot – a Polsat employee tells us.

However, she decided to use the whole situation to address the fans with an important appeal.

She just decided to use it in some better way to appeal to others, to fight for a change in the way of talking about beauty – says our informant.