Karviná is quarantined! The superstructure is probably awaiting changes

As soon as the problems with the Covid-19 disease were overcome in the second league Třinec, the problem also appeared in the highest competition. Karviná holds the barrage two rounds before the end, there is also a direct descent in the game. However, he currently has four cases of coronavirus infection in his staff, in addition to three players, this also concerns one member of the implementation team.

“Due to the further progress of the ongoing hygiene investigation, all three matches of the rescue group, scheduled for this Saturday, have therefore been postponed indefinitely.” The League Football Association writes on its website, due to the two-week quarantine of the entire Karviná team, however, no other rescue matches can be played.

The group’s title and playoff matches for Europe are not affected. “The remaining duels on the coming weekend are not threatened and the group’s title matches as well as the group’s first final for Europe will take place on their set dates,” explains the LFA.

While there is still something to play for at the tail of the table, it is decided at the very top. The first place is occupied by Slavia, the second by Pilsen. Or not? The staplers celebrated their championship, but if the problems in Silesia continue, there is a risk that the league will be declared unfinished and the championship title will not be awarded.

This could happen if the whole team has to quarantine, which also happened during the fourth afternoon. Footballers have to insulate themselves for two weeks. It is thus possible that the Karviná team will not finish the league according to the plans, and given that it could probably be met by the playoffs, it is a relatively large complication.

However, the LFA management wants to complete the competition in full. “We will work with the club to find a solution to the complete completion of the competition year, which remains the main goal of the competition management,” reassures fans. However, LFA chairman Dušan Svoboda himself admitted on Thursday that the superstructure part may not be completed in the originally planned format.

If it wasn’t just the rescue group that Karviná is interested in, then there would be no playoffs, no one would step down and the best team would advance from Fortuna National League. Then the following year, seventeen teams would play in the highest competition.


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