Katarina Flatland: – It has been really tough

Last week, Katarina Flatland (32) and her husband Harald Dobloug (32) were able to share good news. They are to become parents of two children.

In an audio clip in the podcast “Open Journal”, their son Bernhard says that there is a baby inside the mother’s womb, something the parents can confirm.

Reveals good news

– There is a little baby in the womb and we think it is very nice to share with you dear listeners – we will have another little baby, Flatland confirms in the podcast. Furthermore, she says that she is four months on the road.

OPENLY: Katarina Flatland and Harald Dobloug share clips from the delivery room in the latest episode of the podcast «Open journal». Video: Red Carpet
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However, it has not been easy for Flatland in the first period of pregnancy.

She can tell that she has been in bad shape, and that the last few months have consisted of a lot of nausea and vomiting.

– It has been really tough, I must say, says Flatland in the podcast.

- Goes beyond my health

– Goes beyond my health

A few days after they revealed the good news about family enlargement, Flatland comes with an update on Instagram.

In addition to sharing a picture of her stomach, she also shares one where she sits on the floor in front of the bathroom and writes that the last picture shows how the first trimester has been. But fortunately it is about to turn around:

INFLUENCES: Katarina Flatland is both a presenter, podcaster and doctor, but she left blogging on the shelf. Reporter: Anniken Aronsen. Video: Thea Hope / Red Carpet
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– The ball on her stomach is growing, and fortunately the shape is still better, she can report on Instagram.

Open about the birth choice: - Not vulgar

Open about the birth choice: – Not vulgar

Furthermore, she writes she feels with everyone who is pregnant, nauseous and in bad shape, but adds that she can confirm that it becomes better.

See and Hear has been in contact with Katarina Flatland, who has no further comments on the case.

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