After uncovering that Demián Bichir allegedly cheated on his wife with Kate del Castillo, the Queen of the South was discharged and appeared very sensual without clothes.

As if it were a slap with a white glove, Kate appeared showing her sculptural curves after Lisset revealed that Demián Bichir was unfaithful with the 'Queen of the South'.

Through his Instagram account, del Castillo uploaded a photograph where he appears very close to the camera, apparently lying on a bed, leaving his black hair loose, with a dark makeup, nails of the same color, showing the tattoos of her fingers, with a penetrating look and wearing part of her breasts with nothing to cover her, making the publication a waste of sensuality.

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The image of Kate del Castillo reached more than 158 thousand 'likes' and fans melted in praise of 'The Queen of the South'.

"Beautiful", "what look", "my beautiful doll", "more diva, impossible", "beautiful", "always beautiful", "I love you, beautiful lady", "very beautiful as always", "mommy", "You are a woman of spectacular beauty", "beautiful, my queen", "super sensual", you can read.

As if this were not enough, Kate returned to doing theirs by publishing several burning images of the movie "American Visa", which starred in 2005 with Demián Bichir.

In the main photos, the actress appears dancing from a tube, with a silver bikini that marks the most intimate parts of her body showing her most erotic side.

On several postcards, Kate appears very smiling next to Demián Bichir, a fact that unleashed the messages on the part of the fans in the comments section.


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