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Kate Gosselin & # 39; Furious & # 39; with Jon for sharing a new picture with her son Collin

Kate Gosselin believes Jon drew her attention to a rare image with her 14-year-old son Collin. HL has learned EXCLUSIVE! That's why the reunification post angered her so much.

It was a rare sight Jon Gosselin, 41, pictured with one of his other children as Hannah, 14, from whom we have learned, he lives "full time". But his ex-wife cottage, 43, did not appreciate the surprise in her ex-husband's Instagram feed on November 4th! After Jon shared a photo with her son Collin, 14, along with Hannah feels Kate, that it was more about the seemingly innocent family portrait. "Kate is angry at Jon's photos he posted with Collin," a source close to Kate Plus 8 Stern EXKLUSIV tells Hollywood Life, "She feels like he's just posting posts, just to make her angry, and it worked."

The post may be particularly shocked since Kate has enrolled for a program for children with special needs outside their own country, which she confirmed in an interview with 2016 People, And although Hannah may be able to live with Jon, Kate has reportedly "full custody" of all eight children People Source. "Kate hates having the kids out of control, and she can not see Jon with Collin," our source continues. "Kate is having a hard time getting along on a good day, so Jon knew exactly what he was doing and how Kate would feel if he had this photo." And Jon did not hide his anger about Kate's decision to send her son away! He claimed she had pulled Collin out of his old private school "without consulting him," he said ET in an interview in 2016. He was also baffled where exactly his son went. "I mean, I ask, but she does not tell me," he told the sales office. "She does not answer my lyrics."

"As children get older, they can see what their mother can be like, she is bossy, controlling, and extremely hard to bear, so it's no surprise that Collin now wants to have a closer relationship with his father," adds our source added. "The kids definitely choose the pages as they're older, and this latest move makes Kate angry." She even pointed out that her twins Mady and Cara He had been through "turbulent times" and wrote that she fought "nail and tooth for the best" of her daughters in an Instagram post on her 18th birthday on October 8th.

It is unclear whether Collin visited his mother during his "weekend visit," as Jon called it. The father of eight children posted another photo of Collin on November 5, where his son, who was smiling, sat on a chair in a barbershop. Jon thanked his son's barber for "having received my son Collin home with a fresh new cut." Jon & Kate Plus 8 star lasted posted a reunion photo with Collin on the teenage's birthday in May.


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