Princess Charlotte has found a true role model in her mother Kate Middleton.
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                    Kate Middleton fly to heart as a member of the British royal family – but the 36-year-old wife of Prince William has a strong competitor in terms of popularity. The young lady, who threatens to run out of Duchess Kate, is named Princess Charlotte and is the daughter of Kate Middleton.
Princess Charlotte is anything but shy
The little sunshine, which turned three years old in May, has wound Royals fans around the world with ease. On public appearances with her parents Kate Middleton and Prince William charmed the granddaughter of Prince Charles with cute gestures and showed much less timid than her older brother Prince George. Even at the age of three, the little princess of Cambridge already has accomplished manners, as it has now become known.

Kate Middleton does it – Princess Charlotte has no reservations
The International Business Times notes that Princess Charlotte excels as the liveliest scion in Kate Middleton's band of children and makes her two brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis, look old. While the five-year-old first-born George prefers to be in the background, Princess Charlotte evidently has no reservations when visiting Kate Middleton and Prince William. In addition, Princess Charlotte is said to have already checked out some tricks and gimmicks in her role model Mama Kate.
Like Kate Middleton! Princess Charlotte copies her royal mom Duchess Kate
Accordingly, it loves the three-year-old to act as hostess and to offer refreshments to guests based on the model of their mother Duchess Kate. "She just goes to guests and asks them if they want tea or coffee and offers them sweets – how cute!", Said a close to the British royal family insider source. Apparently, Kate Middleton did everything right and fulfilled her role model role for her little daughter!
Princess Charlotte is mini-regent at the age of three
As charming as Princess Charlotte may be, the three-year-old also has a resolute side. This was confirmed by none other than Queen Elizabeth II, the great-grandmother of the mini-princess, who is also cut out of the face of the three-year-old. Her two-year-old brother is supposed to have a firm grip on Princess Charlotte and literally "rule" over the first-born of Kate Middleton, the queen once said.

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